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  • Guided Land Tours
    Alaska vacation by land and sea. Best value in Alaska travel, combining visits to Denali National Park, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Valdez, Columbia Glacier, Wrangell - St. Elias National Park, and Prince William Sound with experiences at the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and Riverboat Discovery. See wildlife and sealife in thier natural habitat!

  • Tour Itinerary
    This 10-day Alaska land tour includes many exciting adventures. Highlights include the Matanuska Valley, Worthington Glacier, the Valdez Museum, Prince William Sound, the Columbia Glacier, the University of Alaska Museum, the Riverboat Discovery tour, the Tundra Wilderness Tour in Denali National Park, a ride on the Alaska Railroad and the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

    • Denali National Park
      Denali National Park is home to numerous bears, moose, caribou, and dall sheep as well as many species of Alaska birds and flowers. On the Grand Alaska Tour you'll journey deep into the park on the Tundra Wilderness Tour, stopping for animal sightings and photo opportunities throughout the day.

    • Anchorage
      The Grand Alaska Tour includes a tour of the largest Alaska city, Anchorage. Anchorage is also home to the Alaska Native Heritage Center. This unique center is a gathering place that celebrates, perpetuates and shares Alaska Native cultures. Anchorage is also home to many fabulous restaurants, a variety of galleries and great shopping opportunities.

    • Alaska Railroad
      Journey on the famous Alaska Railroad, the nations only surviving flagstop railway, from Denali National Park to Anchorage. The passenger cars all include large windows for viewing the spectacular scenery and there is a shared dome car for an even greater view. You may catch a glimpse of of beautiful Mt. McKinley and watch for black bear as you follow the Susitna River to Anchorage. The full service dining car is available for a snack or a full meal and passengers are welcome to move throughout the cars.

    • Fairbanks
      Fairbanks is home to the the number one boat tour in North America featuring third and fourth generation Alaskan captains. The Riverboat Discovery Tour highlights the Alaska bush pilot, a native Alaskan fish camp, an Athabaskan Indian village and more. The University of Alaska Fairbanks museum is also visited on the Grand Alaska Tour.

    • Columbia Glacier
      Hop aboard your Glacier cruise for a ride into majestic Prince William Sound. Explore the three-mile face of the mighty Columbia Glacier and keep your eyes open for seals, sea lions, otters, whales, bald eagles and the playful puffin!

    • Riverboat Discovery
      Fairbanks is home to the the number one boat tour in North America featuring third and fourth generation Alaskan captains. The Riverboat Discovery Tour features a sternwheeler which gently journeys down the Chena River, highlighting the Alaska bush pilot, a native Alaskan fish camp, an Athabaskan Indian village and more.

    • Trans-Alaska Pipeline
      The Grand Alaska Tour includes a deluxe motorcoach trip from Valdez to Fairbanks through Wrangell - St. Elias National Park. The 800 mile Trans-Alaska Pipeline runs from Prudhoe Bay in the north to its terminus in Valdez. It can be seen at several points along the route you will be taking from Valdez to Fairbanks. You will learn more about this engineering feat at the Valdez Museum.

    • Wrangell-St.Elias National Park
      Wrangell- St. Elias National Park is the largest park in the United States. It is home to numerous mammals including bear, dall sheep, and moose. The spectacular scenery makes the journey through this park a photographers dream!

    • Valdez
      Valdez is the stepping off point for Grand Alaska's glacier cruise into Prince William Sound. It is also home of the Valdez Museum and the terminus of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. This small community enjoys its summer visitors and offers them a very friendly welcome.

    • Prince William Sound
      Viewing the pristine waters of Prince William Sound, you might never guess that is was the location of a catastrophic oil spill. Through incredible efforts in restoration and clean up, Prince William Sound is today one of the most beautiful day cruise locations in the state. It is home to the incredible Columbia Glacier as well as numerous marine mammals and sea birds.

  • Dates & Prices
    Grand Alaska departure dates throughout the 2006 spring, summer and fall and our great prices can be found on this page. We are sure you won't find a better tour for a better price with better service in all of Alaska!

  • Tour Details
    All the little details of the Grand Alaska Tour are located here. Read on for all the "small print".

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    Would you like to have someone call or email you with more information? Do you have a specific question about the Grand Alaska Tour? Would you like us to contact you so you can make a reservation? Just pull up this form and we'd be happy to talk to you.

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"We so much enjoyed Shirley and Patrick's knowledge and constant info about what was around and before us. We hope to tour with them again."

"It was very well planned tour.  Everything went very smoothly. We had so much fun and will highly recommend the same tour to others. We thank you!"