Columbia Glacier

Columbia Glacier is Prince William Sound's second largest tidewater glacier. Tidewater glaciers empty directly into the sea. Columbia Glacier moves toward the sea at the rate of about one mile per year at its center and almost twice that much along the edges where the ice is thinner.

The water at the glacier's face is nearly 1000 feet deep and icebergs almost as tall and weighing as much as a million tons are breaking off. This calving and the resulting floating icebergs are truly one of the spectacular highlights of any Alaska vacation. Bring your video camera if you can!

Columbia Glacier


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"We so much enjoyed Shirley and Patrick's knowledge and constant info about what was around and before us. We hope to tour with them again."

"It was very well planned tour.  Everything went very smoothly. We had so much fun and will highly recommend the same tour to others. We thank you!"